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Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10am to 0am, Friday to Saturday 10am to 1am, Sunday 11am to 0am
Address: Eerste van de Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ Amsterdam

Katsu coffee shop

Katsu is a simple, no-nonsense, no frills coffeeshop. You go here if you want to see what the original version of a coffeeshop was meant to be. Great menu for smokers by smokers.

On the Katsu's menu:

Tri Sulu
16.7 €/Gr
Dr. Grinspoon
15.4 €/Gr
Black Widow
10.5 €/Gr
14.3 €/Gr
Chocolate Kush
13.3 €/Gr
Arjan's Strawberry Haze
10.5 €/Gr
Amnesia Haze
10 €/Gr
OG Kush 24K
14.3 €/Gr
OG Kush
14.3 €/Gr
Lemon Haze
11.1 €/Gr
White Choco
11.1 €/Gr
Hawaiian Haze
12.5 €/Gr
Big Buddha Cheese
11.1 €/Gr
Northern Lights
9.52 €/Gr
Mango Haze
12.5 €/Gr
Afghan Hash
4.55 €/Gr
Hiya Polm
8.33 €/Gr
Super Polm
7.14 €/Gr
Yellow Lebanon
7.14 €/Gr
5.56 €/Gr
Durban Ice
11.1 €/Gr
Royal Nepal
10 €/Gr
Jungle Charras
10 €/Gr
King Hassan
11.1 €/Gr
Flower Power
16.7 €/Gr
20.4 €/Gr
9.09 €/Gr