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Hunter's (Utrechtsestraat)

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 7am to 1am
Address: Utrechtsestraat 14, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hunter's (Utrechtsestraat) coffee shop

Next to Hunter’s The Bar and situated near Rembrandt Square. Hunter’s Coffeeshop is one of those places, where locals and visitors love to hang out.

On the Hunter's (Utrechtsestraat)'s menu:

Dr. Grinspoon
17 €/Gr
Jack Herer
9 €/Gr
Pineapple Express
14 €/Gr
Lemon Kush
13 €/Gr
11 €/Gr
Amnesia Haze
13.5 €/Gr
NYC Diesel
13 €/Gr
OG Kush
14 €/Gr
Lemon Haze
13 €/Gr
13 €/Gr
Super Silver Haze
12.5 €/Gr
King White Willwm
9.5 €/Gr
Buddha Diesel
13 €/Gr
Ocean 12
13 €/Gr
Bubble Gum
9.5 €/Gr
11.5 €/Gr
Manali Cream
10.5 €/Gr
12.5 €/Gr
Super Polm
8.5 €/Gr
Malana Cream
15 €/Gr
Super Afghan
7.5 €/Gr
King Hassan
10.5 €/Gr
Champagne IceOlator
80 €/Gr
Amber Glass IceOlator
80 €/Gr
Jack Herrer IceOlator
40 €/Gr
Temple Ball
12.5 €/Gr
BubbleGum IceOlator
30 €/Gr