What is the difference between satvia and indica?

difference between satvia and indica

It is one of the lesser talked about subjects, but knowing the difference can help you make better decisions. As my old man used to say, You may have heard the terms satvia and indica being talked about when it comes to the two main types of weed, but did you know that each have different effects on your high? For example, satvia can have enhanced effects on your creativity, alertness and give you increased energy. Pretty counter intuitive to what most of us think that weed does eh? On the other hand, indica is more commonly associated with the stereotypical effects of marijuana and can be used for pain relief, sleep aid and give a more relaxing effect.

In terms of appearance of the leaves Satvia is taller, less dense and leaves are longer and more narrow. In contrast Indica has shorter, bushier leaves which are wider and shorter. The names satvia and indica are actually derrived from the plants physcial differences. Indica plants are essentially shorter than satvia plants, and they also have a woody stalk and not a fibrous one.

What about THC and CBD levels? THC is what produce the high effect of smoking or consuming marijuana. It is said to contain psychoactive properties. A higher concentration of THC will have a more potent effect on the user. It can be used in balance for managing pain, but too higher a concentration may had adverse effects such as increaed anxiety. CBD, on the other hand has a difference effect. CBD like THC is part of the cannabinoid family. Unlike THC CBD does not create a "high" but it can be used to treat anxieties, stresses and psychoses. It like the yin to the yang of THC. Its why CBD has become very widespread in the market today, from CBD oils to creams to treat a range of ailments. Indica is said to have a higher CBD concentration than Satvia, although the CBD: THC ratio is said to be very close to a 1:1 ratio. This being said the general consensus amongst users and botanists is that because of this higher concentration CBD it produces a relaxing high and can be used as an effective pain reliever. It is said that Indica originated in places like the Middle East, Afgahanistan. Pakistan and Tibet. Conversely, Satvia was found in different parts of the world such as Southeast Asia and Central and South America. The general consensus as mentioned earlier that is provides a more creative, energizing high and many people find it helps them focus. Satvia has higher concentration of THC than CBD and can be used to treat a range of symptoms and conditions such as depression, nausea and appetite loss. Want to learn more about the differences between Satvia and Indica and interested in taking your knowledge of cannabis to the next level? Check out THC University

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