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The Otherside

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 1am
Address: Reguliersdwarsstraat 6 1017 BM Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 421 1014

The Otherside coffee shop

The dark wood and faux stone interior makes for a more upmarket, stylish atmosphere than most Amsterdam coffee shops – this place even comes with chandeliers. Seating is plentiful if a little cramped on busy days, so be prepared to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the people at the next table. Tables are reserved for those buying their smoking products at the bar and there is no wi-fi, which has the benefit that people tend to stay off their phones here. Music at The Otherside tends towards the jazzy and soulful as opposed to rock or techno.

On the The Otherside's menu:

6.25 €/Gr
Jack Herer
10 €/Gr
Amnesia Haze
12.5 €/Gr
White Widow
8.33 €/Gr
Purple Haze
8.33 €/Gr
6.67 €/Gr
Bubble Gum
10 €/Gr
Lebanese Hash
10 €/Gr
Nepali Pollen
8.33 €/Gr
10 €/Gr
12.5 €/Gr