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The Bulldog Rock Shop

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 7am to 1am
Address: Singel 12 1013 GH Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 62 78 900

The Bulldog Rock Shop coffee shop

The newly renovated The Bulldog Rock Shop is a small tribute to the rock era of the 70’s. This shop opened on April the 30th in 1993 and is located on a canal near central station. The Rock Shop is a cozy shop where (in the summer) you can sit on the patio and watch the boats pass through the canal locks.

On the The Bulldog Rock Shop's menu:

Amnesia Haze
12 €/Gr
Sensi Skunk
12 €/Gr
Norman Manley
3.43 €/Gr
Lemon Haze
12 €/Gr
Cotton Candy Kush
12 €/Gr
White Widow
12 €/Gr
Super Silver Haze
12 €/Gr
Bubble Gum
12 €/Gr
7.5 €/Gr
4.29 €/Gr
Afghan Power
3.43 €/Gr
Super Polm
12 €/Gr
Red Lebanon
6.32 €/Gr
Temple Ball
12 €/Gr