Get Down To It (Internet CS)

Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77 /SOUS 1017 PW Amsterdam
Phone: +31204201512

Get Down To It (Internet CS) coffee shop

More advertised as an Internet cafe than a coffeeshop, Get Down To It is situated almost at the Leidseplein. The smoke is effective and for moderate prices. They sell weeds per 12 EUR bags so about 2-3 grams for that value. The Internet is available on commercial basis.

On the Get Down To It (Internet CS)'s menu:

OG Kosher Kush
16 €/Gr
Super Lemon Haze
12.5 €/Gr
Arjan's Strawberry Haze
13 €/Gr
9.5 €/Gr
OG Kush
15 €/Gr
15 €/Gr
White Widow
9 €/Gr
Super Silver Haze
12 €/Gr
15.4 €/Gr
Big Buddha Cheese
13.5 €/Gr
24K Gold (Kosher Tangie)
16 €/Gr
Casey Jones
16 €/Gr
G13 Amnesia Haze
10 €/Gr
LA Kush
15 €/Gr