Red Lebanon (Hashish)

Red Lebanon weed
The effects here are really nice and relaxed. You feel a bit like you have had a couple of beers; not TOO many so that you are acting stupid, but just enough to have a nice buzz. The way this gear makes me feel is the equivalent of having a "chillout session" with some candles and a hot bath. Aaahhhh...

Coffee Shops serving this product:

1 Gram for
The Bulldog The First6.32 €
Goa10 €
The Bulldog Havri6.32 €
De Supermarkt7 €
Kashmir7 €
El Guapo9 €
The Bulldog Rock Shop6.32 €
Bagheera7 €
The Bulldog Energy6.32 €
Basjoe10 €
Solo10 €
The African Blackstar7.14 €
The Bulldog Port 266.32 €
Skunk Relax (Sittard)5 €
Mediterranee8 €
The Saint8.67 €