Zero zero (Hashish)

Zero zero weed
Morocco. Named after the smallest size of the mesh used in the screen/sieve which is called "00". Because it's the smallest diameter, only the crystals should fall through to be pressed, leaving the plant material for later shakes.
Marginal high. My lungs felt too scorched from the smoke for me to enjoy any kind of high I felt. It had me a bit worried I that I smoked so much for a Field Note.

Coffee Shops serving this product:

1 Gram for
De Jolly Joker12 €
Resin9 €
Crush8 €
De Kade10 €
Bluebird6.36 €
El Guapo7 €
Relax8.5 €
Catch 337.5 €
Terminator9.5 €
Reefer7.5 €
Balou15.1 €
Solo12.5 €
Maximillian6.98 €
Koffieshop Birdy5 €
The African Blackstar8.33 €
La Paz7 €
't Grasje10 €
Labda Labda10 €
Andalucia (3 Floors)11 €
The Saint8.67 €
Trefpunt12 €
Super Skunk10 €
1e Hulp7.5 €
Smoke Palace (New York)6 €
The Game (Delft)6.67 €
De Hofnar7.5 €
't Trefpunt (Rotterdam)16 €
Dizzy Duck (Den Haag)6.5 €