Temple Ball (Hashish)

Temple Ball weed
Finest Nepalese hand rubbed hashish.
"Blows the mind, cools the head" is what the Nepalese "wrapper" says! YES-I. This hashish has you buzzing-floating around! Like a happy stoned-little bee, you feel relaxed yet uplifted. Overall, it makes for a very positive experience, and one with mild visuals that lasts for a considerably long time as compared to some other darks I have encountered in the past.

Coffee Shops serving this product:

1 Gram for
De Jolly Joker10 €
The Bulldog The First12 €
Best Friends Oost14.5 €
Goa12.5 €
The Bulldog Havri12 €
Barney’s15 €
Bluebird9.62 €
Papillon8 €
Utopia10 €
The Bulldog Rock Shop12 €
Hunter's (Utrechtsestraat)12.5 €
The Bulldog Energy12 €
Softland 110 €
Willie Wortel’s Sativa Cannabis Shop12 €
Koffieshop Birdy10 €
The Bulldog Port 2612 €
Yanks11.5 €
De Waterpijp7 €
Downtown8.5 €
The Saint9.29 €
Metamorphose12 €
Rusland12 €
1e Hulp11 €
Café Cremers11 €
Pink10 €
Sensi Smile12 €

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