24 Hours in Amsterdam

joint on amsterdam coffee shop ash tray So you booked your plane ticket, got your accommodation sorted and your Amsterdam adventure is about to start. Maybe it`s your first time to Amsterdam, or perhaps you`ve been heaps of times. So let`s get into a proposed itinerary...

0 - 6 Hours So you just landed or rocked up to the station, it`s time to kick your Amsterdam adventure right. It`s essential to get your bearings first off, because later on you`re gonna need to rely on initial orienterring to navigate back to your accomodation.

First, get yourself familiar with our Ultimate Coffee Shop map which highlights all the coffee shops you need to know about in Amterdam. From the station you`ll want to head in a North West direction to be in the general vicinity of the coffee shops. You dont have to walk to far to be greeted by the first few coffee shops.

First few hours you cant say you`ve been to Amsterdam without a visit to one of the Bulldog coffee shops, luckily theres a few dotted around Amsterdam but one of the nearest ones to the train station is in the Red Light district. But if you prefer to go somewhere less seedy, there`s more to be found along the canal and also near the cultural centre.

This is a great time to grab some souvenirs. At Bulldog and other coffee shops around the various districts of the city you can find all kinds of neat stuff to take home. There are the usual smoking accessories you would expect, but you can also find all types of craft artwork, marijuana lifestyle items, cool t-shirts and much more. It is also a great idea to grab unique gifts like CBD soaps or balms. If you are traveling home light, you can also just order things you want online to meet you at home from an online store and just have it shipped to your house. If you live in Arizona, you do not even need to go to Amsterdam, you just can order a vape pen and weed carts online AZ.

Now that a Bulldog visit has been crossed off the list and you` sampled some of its offerings such as purple haze amsterdam, and you`ve picked up some nice souvenirs ;) you probably getting a bit hangrys and severe munchies. Aside from all the usual fast food chains, you`ve got some great local delicacies to check out. For those with a sweet tooth there`s lots on offer from Stroopwafels, pancakes and poffertjes! Did we not mention that there`s great seafood on offer from raw herring to kibbeling (something the British are usually all over as its battered cod). And of course not forgetting the all time classic of thick Dutch fries ladden with mayonnaise and ketchup. Another great thing about Amsterdam is the vending machine where you can buy not only your usual enwrapped snacks but also things like croquettes. You wont go hungry in Amsterdam thats for sure!

6 - 12 Hours Now that youve wondered around the Dam and dodged bicycles flying down the streets at speed, trams and some of the tourist traps you might want to see some culture. Luckily, there`s plenty of options.

Anne Frank Museum - not for everyone, but if youre interested in History/have read Anne Franks diary/want a sombre experience then the Anne Frank Museum is definitely worth a visit.

Van Gogh Museum - see the real life work of the mad redheaded Dutchman that loved Absinthe and is famed for his sunflowers, cutting off his ear and other works.

Canal boat tour - the Dutch love a good boat ride and can be often seen celebrating the Summer on canal boats having parties with friends and family. Depending on the time of year a canal boat tour is a great way to see Amsterdam and interact with the locals!

Heineken Brewery - As it approaches evening, Amsterdam does not disappoint with lots of pubs and clubs to party into the early hours. The Heinken Brewery is a must for any larger lover. They offer a tour and of course some free samples included in the ticket price. Be sure to get your swag on when you go over as the gift shop sells all things Heineken and yes that includes beer!

After all this if you still have the stamina head over to the Kings Palace area and dance the night away at one of Amsterdam`s superclubs such as Panama or Air Amsterdam.
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