Take Advantage of Australia's High Ciggie Price Loopholes

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Did you know that Australia has some of the highest cigarette taxes in the world? Rising tax rates on ciggies in Australia is due to the fact that less than 15% of Australians currently smoke, with the remaining 85% of Australians wanting to those 15% to stop due to the smell, litter and chronic health problems. Public hospital healthcare is free to all citiens of the country and most permanent residents, with a combo of Medicare, inexpensive private health insurance and co-payments covering all costs of treatments.

This type of healthcare model is funded by taxpayers, so you can see why the main population discourages smoking by supporting high taxes and penalties. The main population simply does not want to subsidize and pay for the chronic long-term health issues caused by smoking.

The increased cost of cigarettes has led to higher quitting rates and less smoking among teenagers, since they simply cannot afford it. The high cost is a great incentive to quit or not smoke in the first place. The higher taxes and costs make a pack of premium imported Marlboro Gold cigarettes increase in cost to about $30 when bought in Australia.

As Australia has no federal laws that stop companies from selling tobacco online, a slew of companies now focus on delivering imported cigarettes legally into the Australian market. Even with sometimes high shipping fees, buying a pack or 2 of ciggies online to deliver to Australia saves you money over buying ciggies domestically in the country.

Australians can get the Marlboro brands they want, like Marlboro Red, Gold Original, Black Gold, Double Mix, Fine Touch, Gold Touch, Flavour Plus, and even more. This has turned into big business in Australia, as the state of the economy during the pandemic is making everyone look to spend a little loss on the things they consume...especially when is items they are buying every 1-2-3 days to support a cigarette habit.

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