Cannabis Light: A Legal Marijuana Loophole in Rome

cannabis light legal weed in italy

To start our conversation about Cannabis light, we must understand what is Cannabis light?

Cannabis light is nothing more than a strain of cannabis that has a very low level of THC (which is responsible for the high of marijuana). Although this is marketed as a marijuana-style product, it is more closely related to organic hemp.

The common differentiation between hemp and marijuana is definitely the THC level, as both are similar looking (and smelling) subspecies of the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp usually has a THC level of around 0.3%, while marijuana's THC levels range from 4% to 20%. The normal THC level of light cannabis is 0.2% to 0.6%.

In Italy, Cannabis Light is sold in a dried form that is identical to marijuana, so much so that it must be labeled as a collector's item to evade laws on the sale of marijuana, and each package comes with a label noting that it is not suitable for smoking.

In the United States, unlike Italy, consumers do not have to go for Cannabis Light. There simply is not that much of a market in the USA for Cannabis Light legal weed, mainly because of the presence of weed-legal states like Arizona. Those wanting their fix in weed-legal states just need to buy live resin cartridge Arizona, and there is no need for them to settle for weaker Cannabis Light.

In 2016, Act 242 was passed to ease increasing restrictions on industrial hemp farmers and encourage agricultural sustainability. They point out that growing hemp is good for the environment for a number of reasons, including noting that it grows quickly, requires little water, absorbs toxins and replenishes soil, and also sequesters carbon dioxide more effectively than trees. Italian legislators point out that this creates a respectful agricultural landscape. Hemp is a versatile plant that can be used to make food products, beauty products, clothing, paper, building materials and more.

The plant itself contains very low traces of THC

Act 242 declared that hemp was legal for production and sale, and that farmers would not be penalized for growing hemp with a THC level of up to 0.6%. Hundreds of companies have been created since 2016, selling light and cannabis-flavored and themed cannabis items, such as energy drinks, T-shirts, candles and pipes. Although the Supreme Court ruled that light cannabis and other cannabis sativa derivatives in the form of flowers, buds, leaves and oils could not be sold unless they did not produce a narcotic effect and were clearly not intended for human consumption. Light cannabis dispensaries are still found throughout the center of Rome and throughout Italy.

In late 2019, Italian courts ruled that cannabis could be grown in the country, but only in small quantities. As of 2020, marijuana is decriminalized for possession and legal for medical use, although it remains, illegal to sell and grow it on a large scale. There is no prospect of full strength marijuana being legalized in Italy due to political pressures.

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