Should You Buy Feminized Hemp Seeds?

What are feminized hemp seeds?

Feminine hemp seeds means the seeds are obtained from the female plant. Hemp plant is commonly a hermaphrodite or diecious meaning this plant have both male and female plants. Seeds are produced on the female plant after fertilization of the female flower with pollen from the male plant. Male hemp plants produce very low amounts of CBD and CBG oil while female hemp plants produce much more.

How do companies produce feminized hemp seeds?

Different methods are used to produce feminized hemp seeds. Every company has different method for production of feminized hemp seed but the two most common methods are stress and sliver.

Feminized hemp seed production through stress

By interrupting the plant light cycle and creating stress in hemp plant can produced feminized hemp plant.

Feminized hemp seed production through silver

Researchers have developed many formulas to incorporate silver and other elements like sodium thiosulphate in hemp plant seeds directly this integration will induce gene changes in hem seed that will produce male plant and when this male plant pollinate the female flower this will produce all female seeds. As these all procedures ate time taking and required highly qualified and experts so these feminized hemp seeds are more expensive than normal hemp seeds.

Hemp vs CBD and THC

Hemp is very powerful medicinal plant, hemp and CBD does not produce High but the these effects are produced by marijuana and its psychoactive compound THC. HEMP and marijuana are related with each other because they both belongs to same genus cannabis. Hemp have 3% or less THC content. CBD is present in hemp seeds this compound effect the endocannabinoid system in the body it is used to reduce the pain , stress and help in sleep.

Why use feminized hemp seeds?

Cultivation of hemp is a beneficial investment. Instead of high cost on tools, labor formers must take initiative for hemp cultivation because half of the production of hemp seed will double the profit of investment. Successful CBD farms use high quality feminized hemp seeds.

First feminized hemp seeds seem very costly than normal hemp but the return of investment of feminized hemp seeds is worth than normal; hemp seeds. Growing female hemp plant mean there will no male hemp plant that will pollinate female hemp plant. This only female hemp crop mean high production of CBD flower and seeds. 2ndly growing feminized hemp seeds plant will reduce the time for production of seed that are demanding. Entire flower and whole stalk can be used as CBD extraction and no loss of biomass due to removal of seeds.

To grow feminized hemp seeds your efforts will be smaller and profit will be larger than investment. Problems with creating all female plants of hemp.

The main purpose of hemp cultivation is the production of CBD as the number of flowers in female hemp plant increased CBD concentration will also increase and unfortunately THC level will also increase. Any hemp plant with high concentration of THC above the level of 0.3% consider to be hot and illegal limit of THC. Most of the seeds people buying from sellers are not following the THC limits. Most of seeds are not hemp seeds and most of them are not actually feminized seeds. So people should not use them.

Another problem related with feminized hemp seeds is it cost. Because most of them are grown in horticulture way and need much labor so feminized hemp seeds have more price than normal hemp seeds.

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