Has Smoking Weed Helped You During Lockdown?

smoke in air

This past year has been tough, with many of us confined to our homes for the best part of a year. Some have coped better than others with the restrictions placed on us. There were so many things we couldnt do: travel abroad, see our friends, go to the pub. Life can suck sometimes. Many peoples mental and indeed physical health suffered from these restriction, and of course the disparate effects COVID had on people who were unlucky enough to contract it with the impact of long COVID being well documented.

Did Weed Help you? With so much out of our control this past year, weed for many of us was a saving force. But, how did your usual weed smoking habits change during lockdown. Did you experience anxiety about not having enough to get through? Did you find it hard to secure further supplies? What was the effect on your mental health? For us, weed has always been a constant in our lives, but we certainly did experience some anxieties about not being able to get more weed because of high demand. Many people changed up how they smoke based on what they could get their hands on. Some of us had trouble scoring from our normal sources, because our normal source got cut off from their supplier, and so on and so on.

The situation was similar in countries around the world. Many in places like Dubai switched up to online vendors where they could buy vape Dubai during the pandemic. And during lockdown, lucky residents of Arizona could just look up where to buy airopro vape pens in tucson AZ and get what they wanted delivered. This is the case with any supply chain - you go where you can get what you need the easiest.

Netflix and Smoke Up Time I for one got a lot of Netflix viewing done in lockdown. During the lockdowns, my favourite thing was getting to the end of day and booting up my laptop, getting a fat one rolled and binging on the latest releases. Some of my lockdown favourites included: The Crown, Call My Agent, and who could forget Tiger King in the first lockdown. Getting stoned to some great quality content was definitely one of the highlights of my lockdown.

Supply and Demand
We have all been there when you are down to your very last joint. And you have to order more in, but your supplier isn`t answering your calls. What do you do? Were sure that during lockdown many people probably turned towards a few duckduckgo searches to see how easy/hard it is growing your own weed. Of course in many countries and states this is still illegal, so of course we wouldnt be promoting growing your own if its illegal where you live. One things for sure is probably we all learnt to make that little bit of bud go a little bit further.

Ordering in and from online
Some people made a downright switch during the lockdown to other ways to catch a buzz. Bud smokers started to supplement their stash with oils and concentrates and cartridges. Those already vaping and smoking may have started to try out edibles, in an effort to give their lungs a break during the Covid scare. Some cut back, and some who could still afford it probably upped their intake to deal with the boredom of being locked up.

Summer Travel on The Horizon It looks as though there`s some more positive news with the vaccine rollout going well in most of Europe now. This means that Amsterdam could be welcoming tourists back again potentially later on this month. Of course there`s some caveats with this, ability to prove negative COVID test and/or vaccine certificate (two doses) and admission from coutries with low number of cases. But, there`s hope on the horizon that this Summer could be salvaged. Are you planning on heading to the `dam this Summer? Make sure to check out our Coffee Shop Map.
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