Top New E-Cigarette Models

The KS Kurve is a new e-cigarette body and pod system made by Kardinal Stick, a popular manufacturer in Thailand. The KS Kurve comes in a compact and modern design that is super easy to use and maintain. The manufacturers created a Close Pod System technology that uses disposable liquid heads that are ready for smoking with one click, and it features a warning light that goes off when you are inhaling too much nicotine. All of the KS Kurve models are available in a variety of stylish colors and various flavors like Mango, Guava, Watermelon, Tobacco, Taro, Pineapple, Mint and more.

The makers of the KS Kurve have also released new, less expensive e-cigarette bodies that have some of the same features. They offer the KS Xense pod system, the KS Quick and the Relx e-cigarette pod as alternative, lower priced options. The KS Kurve is definitely positioned as the flagship model, but these other models offer some of the same technology for a lower price. You can buy KS Kurve e-cigarettes from the local online vendor of your choice depending on which country you want it delivered to.

There are even more advancements in e-cigarettes going on now. A company named Surge has begun to deliver vaping technology based on ultrasonic. An ultrasonic chip inside the body vibrates at a super high frequency of 3 million hits per second, creating enough force through vibration to pulverize e-liquid into a cloud of easy-to-inhale vapor. The Surge technology allows for an e-cigarette to be manufactured using no heating coil. Specially formulated e-liquids are required for use with this vibration-based technology. Surge reports that they have created 6 flavors currently with more pending development.

The lack of a heating coil or heating wire allows ultrasonic heating to deliver nicotine more efficiently without "dry hits" or burnt flavors. Another side benefit is that the lower temperatures used in the ultrasonic pens reduce toxins while also keeping the e-liquid from breaking down due to heat.

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