Do The Swiss Make The Best CBD Oil?

The Swiss are known for putting their country's name on the highest quality products in a ton of industries. Swiss cheese, Swiss milk chocolate, Swiss watches, Swiss Army knives, Swiss bank accounts, velcro, the best absinthe and the best muesli all come from Swiss producers. Swiss brands for high end items enjoy a fabulous reputation almost anywhere in the world when you talk to Chinese, Americans and other European cultures like Germany.

The same goes for CBD and CBD oils. The Swiss have enjoyed a mini-boom in the CBD industry since 2017, and it is for a number of very valid reasons. How has Switzerland become a hub for better CBD in Europe? Is Swiss CBD oil better than the CBD produced in other countries?

CBD is legal is Switzerland and in most European countries. Across most countries, the legality of substances cultivated from cannabis plants is determined by the percentages of THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana, found in the product. In most European countries, the THC limit for CBD products is a low 0.2% threshold.

In Switzerland, this legal threshold is unique and a full 1% THC content is allowed.Switzerland lets you cultivate and produce hemp plants legally without a license, as long as the plant does not exceed the same 1% THC content. This allows Swiss-based companies and hemp farmers to grow the plant without excessive licensing costs and to let the plant grow to its fullest potential to maximize the medicinal benefits of the cannabidiol; the lower threshold in most countries forces farmers to cut and process the plant much earlier in its lifecycle. This minimilization of the THC is just one harmful side effect caused by the 0.2% threshold - the other problem is that a more mature plant produces better CBD medicinal benefits.

The ironic part about Swiss CBD is that using it in-country comes with some hazards. With 1% THC CBD, you can quickly be above the legal limit for THC per micrograms of blood when driving a car in Switzerland. Consumption of higher THC CBD products in Switzerland puts you at risk of violating the country's zero tolerance rule for narcotics when in road traffic.

If you want to purchase Swiss CBD for use in your country, it is legal to buy it and have it shipped as along as Cannabidiol is legal in your country. You may sometimes see a slight delay in shipping from Switzerland to your country, as Switzerland is outside of the EU. Your package may sometimes stop in customs in your country until VAT costs are cleared. None of this should really concern you, because the CBD you are waiting for is completely legal. You just need to wait sometimes for customs to deal with the taxes.

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