The Benefits of CBD Oil on Health

guy dropping cbd oil in orange juice

CBD oil, and cannabis derrived products, have been in the news recently, especially in the UK where for a few years now CBD oil has been legal to sell providing it contains no more than 0.2% THC. However, many families are pressuring the government for CBD and other legally cannabis derrived products to be available on the NHS. The medical benefits of CBD oil and the like for cancer patients, seizure sufferers, terminally ill patients etc. are well documentated. In countries where cannabis is illegal, but CBD oil is legal there are still a lot of grey areas in terms of what businesses selling and marketing such products can and cannot do. Often, this creates a lot of confusion and it can be tricky for the end consumer to discern which products are safe to use and which could potentially land them in trouble.

What are the medical benefits of CBD oil? There are many speculated and also scientifically proven medical benefits of using CBD oil. Perhaps the most widely known one is that CBD oil can be used for pain relief. The history of this goes as far back as 2900BC. Scientific studies have shown the CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impcting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters. As mentioned earlier, CBD oil can also be used to help alleviate some cancer-relted symptoms and in paricular reduce the nausea and vomitting from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Many people have found CBD oil to be more effective in alleviating the sickness felt from chemotherapy compared to pharmaceutical drugs usually prescribed.

CBD oil can also have mental health benefits and many users have reported the use of CBD oil helping reduce anxiety and depression. CBD oil can help to counter act the stresses and strains modern day living has on our mental health. Often, in the West anxiety and depression is often treated with pharmaceuticals and the side-effects for the patient might be sever through taking anti-anxiety or anti-depressives. Whilst, research in this area is still ongoing, there have been some studies in Brazil, which used CBD oil vs a placebo, showing the use of CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety as highly effective.

Should You Use CBD oil in your daily lives Of course as with anything, make sure to do you research before deciding if CBD oil is right for you. Naturally, it depends on the use case but as we have highlighted CBD oil can be highly effective for a range of treatments including reducing the side-effects from chemotherapy, for pain relief and to reduce anxiety and/or depression. CBD oil is now becoming widely available and in many countries has been legalised, although in some countries there are still some grey areas regarding its sale and marketing. Make sure to buy off a reputable seller and if you`re in the EU CBD oil must meet certain regulatory standards - these will be advertised on the merchants website or on the packaging.

CBD oil is sold in legal shops all over the world. In France, you can buy CBD at the Lord of CBD website. They ship countrywide, speak French and English if you call in, and they will be more than helpful to you.
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