Our Top 3 Coffee Shops In Amsterdam

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Ahhh! Amsterdam you beautiful city, with your canals, coffee shops, flower markets and trams we`re missing you a lot in these crazy times. For now, we have to keep positive and know that Amsterdam will be open soon enough for tourists and that coffee shops will be welcoming their doors faster than you can say roll me up a joint! In the meantime, we can dream about sampling the beautiful strains on the various coffee shop menus and start planning our next trip to Amsterdam.

Know Before You Go Like anything in this world, arming yourself with some research before you make the trip to Amsterdam can help you a lot. You should know that Amsterdam is a fairly safe city, but that doesn`t mean you should let your guard down. Be aware of pick pockets, backstreet dealers and gangs operating especially near the red light district. Theres also of course the usual tourist traps to watch out for. But hey, we know youll be more interested in sitting outside the terraces of the coffee shops or if its cold sitting indoors and meeting kindred spirits.

Knowlege is power when learning which Amsterdam coffee shops to visit. You may want to plan on sitting down for a while. A vape pen with a brass knuckle cartridge in Arizona may be the perfect thing to enjoy while you plan your visit to Amsterdam.

Our Top 3 Coffee Shops Probably, the first time anyone goes to Amsterdam they will visit a Bulldog coffee shop but once you`ve crossed it off the list and come back to Amsterdam you probably want to stick to some of the lesser known coffee shops that be as busy. And lets face it the independents will be more grateful of your business.

1. The Stud
The Stud gets our vote as one of Amsterdam`s best coffee shops. It has a great vibe, friendly staff and an awesome coffee shop menu. Whilst prices arent the most cheapest in Amsterdam, they`re still very reasonable. Everything about this coffee shop is spot on from the comfy seating inside to the interior decor. Its a very comfortable place to smoke up.
Be sure to checkout out The Stud listing on our site.

2. Cornershop Club Media
Another cool coffee shop located in the centre of Amsterdam, near the Heineken Experience, the Cornershop Club Media is everything you need in a coffee shop - great quality weed and hash, modern and clean facilities inside and knowledgable and friendly staff inside. Its fairly spacious inside and so coming with a small group of friends is not a problem.
Check out The Cornershop Club Media coffee shop menu.

3. Amnesia
A great spot for watching the world go by on a warm day outside. Amnesia, once known as Whootsie Tootsie, stocks more non-commercial varieties than the rest of the coffee shops. Great friendly staff, nice hanging lights with dark interior inside Its not super spacious, so not suitable for larger parties. Great for chilling and watching the boats go by.
Check out Amnesia Coffee Shop.

Still looking for more coffee shops? Okay our final recommendation which we know is very popular with our community and has a great skunk roemund menu on offer is of course Skunk Roemund. Spend a few hours here and you won`t regret.
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